Premium Poly Patios 877-904-1234

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Premium Poly Patios
Business: Premium Poly Patios
Phone: 877-904-1234
Address: 4715 Township Road 366
Address 2:
City: Millersburg
State: OH
Country: United States
Zipcode: 44654


POLYWOOD® Adirondack Chairs are maintenance ´Free Care´ so no worries with these chairs! Your casual, maintenance free life begins with Poly-Wood™ Adirondack Chairs which are made from recycled milk jugs that are converted into recycled plastic lumber. POLYWOOD® Adirondack Chairs will remain unscathed by the elements even after years of exposure require no sanding, painting, staining and they will not rot or splinter. Our weighty POLYWOOD® Adirondack Chairs will not get blown around and you will love the maintenance free care offered by these outdoor chairs. You can choose from a variety of poly lumber colors from teak Adirondack Chairs to pink POLYWOOD® Adirondack Chairs and several different styles all to accent your outdoor patio. Our products are carefully inspected to provide you a selection of unique and high quality products which will prove to be the best in value on the internet! Every order that comes to us receives our personal attention from our computer to your door! Your feedback on your overall experience with Premium Poly Patios is extremely important!





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4715 Township Road 366,Millersburg,OH,United States

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Premium Poly Patios 877-904-1234